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Build Times: What to Expect at Hartford

Build Times: What to Expect at Hartford

Over the past year, build times for new construction homes have been steadily increasing, with an average expected build time of about seven to nine months. We have even observed build times for Colorado new construction homes reaching upwards of twelve or more months. Our VP of Construction, Jon Tschetter, filled us in on how Hartford is staying ahead of delays and ensuring an efficient and enjoyable home-building experience for our buyers.

“Although build times have increased due to supply chain, labor issues, etc., there are a couple of strategies our [construction] teams are using:

  • [Hartford Construction and Purchasing teams] are working with suppliers, closely monitoring all products and materials for potential delays or shortages before they hit the production cycle, allowing us to react quicker and more proactively.

  • In anticipation of potential delays, Purchasing has created a fairly extensive list of product substitutions that we can use, where applicable.

  • The field teams have worked hard to keep homes moving forward in nontraditional sequencing of tasks.

  • There has been a lot of cooperation from trade partners, all without sacrificing Hartford’s standards of quality.”

Jon continues, “The bottom line is, it has taken a great team effort (both internally and externally), a lot of creativity, hard work, and commitment to delivering homes to our buyers in a timely fashion.” 

New construction homes are one of the only purchases you make which are built on-location - They are not manufactured in a warehouse or in predictable and controlled environments. Factors such as weather, land, supply, and materials all play a part in your home buying experience. But the biggest and most important factor that you do have control over in this market? Your home builder!

Our top priority at Hartford Homes is providing a great experience for our buyers, from start to finish. Throughout the building process, home buyers receive regular communication and updates from the Hartford sales and construction teams, ensuring that you are up-to-date on the progress of your home. We understand that you have lots of options and things to consider when buying a home, especially given these extraordinary times we are in! At Hartford, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency when you entrust us with building your dream home, and you can count on us to be with you every step of the way.