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Are you an aspiring Homeowner?

At Hartford Homes, we want to be a resource for you no matter where you are in your path to homeownership. That’s why we’ve put together a Credit Repair Program. This program is a 90–150-day opportunity that works with credit challenged buyers to guide them down the path to successful homeownership. Whatever your situation may look like, our team of experts can help.

What's a credit challenged Buyer?

  • Those whose credit score is too low
  • Those who have filed for bankruptcy
  • Those who are behind on credit card, loan or car payments

How to Get Started

With our dedicated team of lenders and experts including Dan Beck - Owner/President of Credit Management Specialists, we will put together an individualized and unique strategy to get you on track and eventually in the place to purchase a home.

Meet Dan Beck

Credit Repair Specialist

Our lead Credit Repair Specialist Dan Beck is the founder and president of Credit Management Specialists. His qualifications include:

  • BS degree in business finance
  • Background in originating mortgage loan applications for the mortgage industry
  • Experience as an expert witness in legal matters involving credit
  • 17 years of experience working with credit repair and credit management
  • Respected author, speaker in the credit repair and credit management field