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Financing with Hartford Homes

Here at Hartford Homes, we understand that partnering with a lender who understands the “ins” and “outs” of new home construction is just as important as picking the perfect floorplan. That’s why Hartford Homes has created a partnership with Harmony Home Lending to offer our clients convenient and top-notch mortgage service in-house.

Get Pre-Qualified.

Enlisting the service of Hartford’s preferred lenders will put you on the right track so you have a clear picture of what your estimated monthly payments will be, as well as prepare you for what money you’ll need to bring to closing.

Keeping Your Loan on Track.

Part of the benefit of getting a loan through our preferred lenders is they will coach you through any potential pitfalls of qualifying for a new home before you close. They’ll be sure to speak with you about what kind of decisions to make with your money while your home is under construction.

Almost There!

As we get closer to your closing, your preferred lender may ask you for additional documentation as it pertains to your personal loan. They’ll help guide you through what you need to get your loan to the closing table. Expect to begin this process 30-45 days before your estimated closing date.

Clear to Close!

It’s finally here, closing day! By this point, you’ve had contact with our closing coordinators and are ready to sign on the dotted line. Your lender will have prepped you with all of your final figures so that you’ll be ready to claim your brand-new keys to your Hartford Home. Congrats!

Sonya Glasser

Sonya Glasser

Licensed Loan Officer Asst.

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