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Beat the Rush! Don't Wait Until Spring to Buy

Beat the Rush! Don't Wait Until Spring to Buy

In the home industry, spring is often regarded as the notorious “selling season”. The weather warms up and sellers and buyers come out in droves, looking to move in and move up. We crunched the numbers, and on average, over 60% of Hartford Homes sales occur in the first five months of the year (January to May). 

While waiting until spring often means you have more homes to choose from, you should also be prepared for more competition. As demand from buyers increases, the supply of homes decreases. This potentially could cause home prices to rise and builder incentives to lower.

On the contrary, buyers tend to be scarce between Thanksgiving and New Years. This often means less competition, lower prices, and higher incentives from builders and sellers who want to lighten their load before the new year. And think about your shiny, new dream home decorated for the holidays… How dreamy! And Hartford Homes is currently offering some amazing promotional interest rates to help bring those monthly payments down! Locked rates starting at 5.49% and 2/1 Buydowns starting at 3.99%. Even dreamier!

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to buying a home in any season. You have to do what is best for you and your personal situation. And luckily, Hartford Homes is here to help you at any time of year! Kendall is a call or text away with any questions you may have: 970-716-608