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2024 Interest Rate News and What It Means For You

2024 Interest Rate News and What It Means For You
The latest news from the Fed note that inflation is moving in the right direction, but the recent CPI and PPI inflation readings were higher than expected. Fed Governor Bowman believes the Fed policy is appropriately restrictive and is not ready to cut yet.

Although 2024 has an unpredictable forecast for mortgage rates, it is an excellent time to make a home purchase investment. Take advantage of builder incentives and strategic financing to maximize your investment in this market. Trying to time the market usually leaves you on the sidelines.

Why buy in this market?

  • Lower Prices Now
  • Less Buyer Competition
  • Generous Builder Incentives
  • Start Building Equity Immediately

Think short-term to long-term, how can we make your dream home purchase affordable for you today and get you started on your future now?

While you're waiting for interest rates to go down, thousands of other buyers are too, so as soon as they do prices start skyrocketing again from all that pent-up demand. No one is certain what's going to happen in 3, 6, 12 months or longer.

As the Fed gets better control over inflation and we start to see rates stabilize towards the second half of the year, the buyer market will become more saturated, and prices will continue to rise. With home prices certain to increase as the market improves, the downpayment parameters for your purchase keep moving and there is no guarantee that tomorrow’s conditions will be that much better overall than today’s.

The best time to buy is when you have found a home that you love, that meets your family’s needs, and that you can afford. Connect with our lenders today to strategize how to make the most out of your home purchase in today’s market.