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Benefits of working with a local builder vs. a national builder

Benefits of working with a local builder vs. a national builder
Choosing between a small local builder like Hartford Homes and a large corporate national builder when buying a home involves considering various factors. The best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some benefits of buying a home with Hartford Homes:

Personalized Attention:
Hartford Homes prides itself on a more personalized service, as we can give more individual attention to each homeowner. You have a direct line of communication with us making it easier to address specific concerns or ask questions. Our sales team is with our buyers every step of the way. We believe in full transparency, so our buyers know what they are getting into. This carries into home buyer meetings, on-site visits, and weekly updates. We have a special app that keeps our buyers up to date on the progress of their homes with updated photos. Our sales and construction teams meet in person every Friday to provide each homebuyer with updates and allow homebuyers to ask questions throughout the process. Our lending team, Harmony Home Lending, is available around the clock to run payment scenarios, provide financial guidance, and analyze your financial situation to provide the best loan rates. Weekly calls are made between Harmony Home Lending and the staff at Hartford Homes to provide updates on the buyer’s loan as well. Our closing team and title company are both in-house making your home closing a quick and seamless process. 

On-Site Design Center:
Our design centers are on-site and available in each of our communities. This means you don't have to select from pre-determined packages giving you the ability to design and craft your own home unique to you. This also means you don't have to drive long distances and block out time to schedule a design center appointment. You can price everything out on-site BEFORE you sign a contract, so you know exactly what you are going to spend before you are locked in. This allows you to make selections and stay within your budget. 

Community Knowledge:
Hartford Homes has a deep understanding of our local market and community. We are a local company with local employees. We live and work here. We have built in Northern Colorado for over 30 years and we have established relationships and a deep understanding of building in NOCO. Our online Sales Manager, Kendall, is incredibly valuable when it comes to helping select the best community for you and your family, understanding local regulations, and recommending nearby amenities.

Quality Control:
We take pride in our work and reputation within the community. Our Construction Managers are tested, and certified and many are licensed for residential construction specifically. Our quality control process ensures a home is 100% ready to close when it’s completed, and a member of our leadership team walks every single home. Every single one of our homes is given a "Home Readiness Assessment" and our construction managers are impacted by the results. We truly care about turning over a great product. All Hartford employees are trustworthy and knowledgeable people with a high level of integrity and high expectations to create the very best home. 

Supporting Local Economy:
Choosing a local builder like Hartford Homes contributes to your local economy and community development. We support local businesses and initiatives like Habitat for Humanity and the Northern Colorado Homebuilders Association. We participate in local giving and our leadership team serves on boards throughout Northern Colorado. 

Our Brand- Who WE are:
Everyone at Hartford Homes is passionate about what they do and strives to provide the best experience possible for each and every homeowner. We care to make this a memorable experience and are with our buyers every step of the way. We believe in our homes and our processes - that's why a majority of our team owns their own Hartford Homes. We may not be perfect, but we certainly care and will always put you first!